TECHNITY CONSTRUCTIONS IKE is a technical company that is active in the construction sector in all types of construction works with great specialization in aluminum-iron constructions and woodworks.

It was founded by Konstantinos Katharios, Mechanical Engineer. Related companies :

  • PLETHRON CONSTRUCTION S.A., with a notable dynamic presence in the construction-renovations and upgrades of high-end buildings.
  • SPECIAL PROJECTS AND SAFETY AE (SPS AE), with a long and successful track record in the construction of special security systems.

Nowadays, the company has complete construction equipment and, using certified materials in combination with specialized technical staff, undertakes projects with responsibility and consistency. At the same time, it maintains the highest level of quality in its constructions, fulfilling the purpose of its creation.


The company is active in a number of tasks, mainly :

  • Building construction: construction of reinforced concrete or steel buildings and construction work.
  • Interior-exterior renovations in hotels, institutions, public spaces, shops, houses, etc.
  • Replacements and constructions of aluminum-glass windows in banks, hospitals, churches, hotel units, etc.
  • Ironwork - Carpentry works such as railings, special furniture constructions, canopy - pergolas.